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Rungs (collaboratively written with Margaret Bashaar)

The Exhibit

In the Songbird Laboratory

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With Fire in Her Heart: A review of Hollywood Notebook by Wendy C. Ortiz (L.A. Review of Books)

Ant-thropology: A Review of The Ants by Sawako Nakayasu (TROP)

Teetering on the Edge: A review of Writing That Risks, ed. Liana Holmberg, Deborah Steinberg (TROP)

A Breaking Bad (and Beyond) Reading List (The Millions)

To Invent Dinner: A review of Tofu of Kansas by Iris Moulton (TROP)

Hike Pray No: A review of Wild by Cheryl Strayed (L.A. Review of Books)

A Wild Mix Tape (L.A. Review of Books)

Words for Remembering: A review of Love And Shame And Love by Peter Orner (L.A. Review of Books)

L.A. Liminal by Becca Klaver (The Rumpus)

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The Rumpus Interview with Francesca Lia Block

In Conversation with Wendy C. Ortiz (Midnight Breakfast)

The Rumpus Interview with Peter Orner

The Rumpus Interview with Matthew Specktor

The Rumpus Interview with Mark O'Connell

The Rumpus Interview with Kate Durbin

Want Ads: An Interview with Miranda July (L.A. Review of Books)

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The Animal In Us (Women Who Submit)

How To Do AWP (Women Who Submit)

The Dos and Donts of the SNAP Challenge (MAZON)

Albums Of Our Lives: Moxy Fruvous's Bargainville (The Rumpus)

Defecting to the Other Deschanel (TROP)

Sex, Scents, and Pheromones (Salon)

The Breakup Lullaby of Broadway (The Nervous Breakdown)

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Three Poems at Angels Flight Literary West

Three Poems at Witch Craft Magazine

Things I Have Burned Intentionally (Horse Less Review)

The Lady Scientist (Flash Flash Click)

How it Felt to Be Born (Tupelo Quarterly)

Confection (SpringGun)

From The Ladder of Divine Ascent (I, III, V & IX) (Befrois)

"Weeding," "Basic," and "Symmetry, Again" (

from The Ladder of Divine Ascent (XIII) (Sixth Finch)

from The Ladder of Divine Ascent (XI) (Interrupture)

from The Ladder of Divine Ascent (XXV) (Maintenant)

Constellations (The Dictionary Project)

from The Exhibit

Occupied Beauty (OccupyWriters)

Four Collaborations with Lisa Ciccarello

"Between the Oaks and the Grass" and "Symmetry" (

A Dream in China (DIAGRAM)

In The Songbird Laboratory

Think of a Radish

"Dust Storms May Exist" and "All Fleece, All Water"

Bury The Sow

Citrus at Nine

The Water That Was

You Ask Me To Explain, Then